The Paws for Love Mission

Our mission at Paws for Love School for Dogs is to serve our community by rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming as many canine lives as possible. We do this by educating not only the dogs, but the people of our community. With years of formative education, experience, and practice, we strive to bring our background of knowledge to all those in need; we not only train dogs, but we teach them and their owners to communicate through patience, diligence, empathy, and love.

David ‘Trainer’ Ettenberg, Owner & Operator

Born to a professional dog show trainer and kennel operator, Trainer began his career working with animals, dogs in particular, starting at the age of 5. He studied business and psychology at the University of Southern California, followed by veterinary medicine at Cornell University, specializing in animal behavioral sciences. Weaving together different principles of both Western and Eastern philosophy, combined with more than 40 years of experience, Trainer has developed a method of training techniques that build a strong foundation of trust and communication between dogs and their owners.

A Family Owned and Operated Legacy

“My mother trained show dogs for more than 50 years and when she started teaching me, she always put an emphasis on care and love. We show our love through how we care for the people, and the animals, around us. In business, we do that by never being late, treating every dog – and client – like they are part of our family, and we never make it about the money first. Do what you love, work hard, and the money will come.” – David ‘Trainer’ Ettenberg, Owner & Operator At Paws for Love School for Dogs, we focus on constructive motivational tools and positive reinforcement. In order to determine the needs of your dog, we offer free consultations and temperament evaluations.