Does your dog
Jump on you and others?

Chew on everything?

Suffer from separation anxiety?
Do you need help with
Aggression around other dogs?

Stealing Food?

Pulling on walks?
What about
Acting out when they're excited?

Crate Training?

Coming when called?

Paws for Love School for Dogs

Training from the Heart, not the Wallet.

Paws for Love School for Dogs

was founded by a veteran, and is a family-owned dog training service; located in the heart of Spokane Valley, we proudly serve the entire Pacific Northwest!

“We believe in training dogs from the heart, not the wallet.” – David “Trainer” Ettenberg, Paws for Love owner and operator

We've Partnered with Doggyland!

In order to provide the best possible boarding training for your family member, we’ve partnered with the fantastic people at DoggyLand Doggy Daycare! Like us, they’re based locally and care more than anything for the safety and comfort of your animal.

Our mission at Paws for Love School for dogs is not only to train dogs, but to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome as many canine lives as possible; as of Summer 2022, we have rescued over 11,000 canines in need!

As the foremost canine behaviorists in the Northwest, Paws for Love School for Dogs specializes in aggression and fear-based issues in your dog. As we educate your dog, we also assist you in learning our proven techniques for continued training while your four-legged family member is at home!

With a gentle and loving touch, we guarantee to give you and your dog a lasting, formative experience focusing on positive motivation and positive reinforcement.

We all love our pets as much as we love our family, because once they enter our lives, they become part of our family! But just like with anyone else we love, sometimes we find ourselves struggling to communicate with them; that’s when you call Paws for Love School for Dogs to help you and your dog connect and develop a language of love, trust, and understanding.

To help determine you and your dog’s needs, we offer FREE consultations and temperament evaluations! (These services can last between 1-3 hours)

Have any other questions? Contact us today!