Our International Puppies

Paws for Love deals with a lot of breeders and rescues throughout the country. and some even come from out of the country such as Finn, A Kai Kan from Japan and 2 husky’s Richard and Stella from Ukraine, and black Belgium Malinois Mischief was taught in English, Spanish, Russian and now French. We can accommodate any language you might need your dog trained in.

Bringing joy to a sweet kid

This is Jr, a sweet autistic boy whose dog of 3 years was murdered. These pictures are of the morning a new puppy arrived for him. We started his puppy training and when Cuppy is 16 weeks old we will train him to be his new companion.

Paws for love is all about helping the community. All services for Jr and his puppy Cuppy are donated.

Kona at the Pool!

For socialization training, we take dogs to our local Home Depot and get them working on the sales floor, although Kona seems to want spend most of the time lying down on the job. Lucky for her, after a long day of work, there’s pool to relax in to get away from the heat.